Saweetie Drops Jaws With New Pink Buzz Cut

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Saweetie is giving new energy all 2022 ---- and the Christmas Eve debut of her new buzz cut was just the beginning. The "Bestfriend" rapper hit up a MAC Cosmetics event in New York City on Wednesday and debuted her new, pink hairstyle.

The Icy Girl seems to be enjoying her new found freedom after chopping off her luscious locks last year. After giving her 13 million followers a glimpse of her blonde buzzcut on Christmas, the Grammy nominated star went on to showcase her bold new look with a slew of glamourous Instagram photos from New Year's Eve, sharing:

"cheers to all my pretty b***hez. Happy New Year!!!

Aside from giving gorgeous looks, Saweetie has also been hard at work, getting to the bag. Earlier this month, the star debuted her new MAC Cosmetics "Challenge Accepted" campaign which featured none other than icon Cher. Back in September, the "Tap In" rapper spoke about her MAC campaign to WWD, sharing:

’Challenge Accepted’ means challenging a status quo, and I try to do that every day with my business, with my music, with the message I give out to the world. Because I went to college, something that was said to me was: ‘Why would you be a rapper when you have a degree?’ But I challenge that. I’m going to do what I’m passionate about. So Challenge Accepted from MAC’s side, from my side, I feel like we continue to challenge the doubters.”

As for what it was like working with Cher, Saweertie added:

"Cher is so magical. Every time someone asks for me to describe her, I feel like there’s no one word to put it, but she’s magical. She’s fun. She’s so full of knowledge and she was such a pleasure to work with. If I can, I would do it again.”

Check out Saweeties new pink 'do above.

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