Mom Wants To Give Baby Same Name As Dog, Gets Shamed

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It's not too strange to hear about a newborn being named after a family member, perhaps as an homage to a grandparent, or so they can be called junior with a name identical to a parent's. However, one mom is getting criticized for wanting to give her son the same name as a family member, but that's because the family member is her dog.

In a post on Reddit titled, "Names like Angus? Is it really that wrong to give the same name to a dog, and then a kid?" the woman explained, "My husband and I have a dog named Angus. We love the name so much [as it has] so many nicknames (Gus, Angy etc). After four years of getting used to the name in our lives, we still love it for a son. Can you think of other names similar to Angus/Fergus? Would it really be so terrible if we had a kid and a dog named the same? Our dog is the love of our life and it would almost be an honor name."

Most commenters suggested the mom-to-be think of a different name, especially because of how confusing it would be for Angus the dog if there were another Angus in the house. One wrote, "Your poor dog would be so confused at why you are calling the kid by his name. It would be kinder to avoid this. If you have another son after Angus passes, then maybe it would be okay as an honor name." Another noted, "While weird, the name is a human name at least. It's weirder if they are both alive at the same time. A similar name is likely the key to not having to clarify 'the human, not the dog' comments."

Some people were kind enough to offer alternatives that could still use Gus as a nickname, like August or Augustus. Others mentioned Atticus, Gustav and Hamish as possibilities. No word yet one what she plans to go with.

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