What Food Fits Your Star Sign?!

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This morning Jill found a list that an astrologer named Jaime Wright came up with for Refinery29 that describes your personality in the form of food based on your astrological sign. Normally, whenever Jill does a list that deals with astrology, the guys are quick to say how it's not accurate. However, after going through this list, it's pretty spot on!

Does this describe you?

Aries:Steak and eggs -- with a Bloody Mary. Aries needs fuel to keep moving -- and plenty of spice in that beverage. 

Taurus (like Brian):Pasta Carbonara -- with organic wine. Taurus has some very flashy tendencies, but they also value comfort over everything. 

Gemini:Lavender scone with mint tea. Brainy Tauruses need to soothe their nervous system with calming herbs like mint and lavender. 

Cancer (like Jill and Valerie):Sourdough bread with salted butter: This sign loves food like they love love: Warm, comforting and consistent. 

Leo:Smoked salmon Eggs Benedict: Ruled by the Sun, Leos can't resist a delicious brunch. 

Virgo:Harvest grain bowl -- to go. Virgos are the most fit sign in the zodiac and likely to make the healthy choice. They’re also ready to grab on the go between one meeting and the next. 

Libra:Panna cotta with vinegar and honey. Libras definitely have an experimental side, and love to dissect ideas and surprise us with their complexity. 

Scorpio:BBQ shrimp with ghost pepper sauce. The first few bites might leave you thinking, “Oh, this isn’t so bad,” but then... your mouth is on fire. That's the sneak attack of a Scorpio! 

Sagittarius (like Jon):Funfetti cake. Everyone knows that Sagittarius is the life of the party -- and who doesn’t smile when they see this cake? 

Capricorn (like Valentine):Pork chops – You’re content to take things nice and slow, as long as there's a delicious payoff at the end. 

Aquarius:Organic bone broth. This nurturing, homey sign offers pure comfort, nothing fancy. And sometimes that's just what we need. 

Pisces:Sushi. Yes, Pisces is the fish, but the sign is always full of surprises. So you might get something mellow, or you might get an explosion of spicy wasabi. 

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