You Can Get Paid $1,100 To Listen To Breakup Songs!

Woman with Headphone Listening to Love Song

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Whenever you go through a breakup, it's always very therapeutic to play music especially Taylor Swift and just cry. Well, instead of doing it for free, you can get paid to listen to breakup songs for 24 hours. FinanceBuzz is currently taking applications to find a “DJ of Heartache” who will be paid $1,100 to listen to 24 hours’ worth of songs including Taylor Swift and Adele. If you think this is the perfect job for you, online applications are due by January 31st at 9pm PT and a candidate will be selected by February 2. If you're selected, the DJ of Heartache will have until February 6th to listen to the playlist. Once you go through the playlist, you'll get to generate five playlists of their own: the five stages of grief after a breakup. The only qualification to apply is that you must be based in the United States and be at least 18 years old.

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