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Kesha's New Music Features a Wizard!?

Kesha was in-studio with Valentine in the Morning on 104.3 MYfm talking about her brand new album "Gag Order".

Her favorite song on the album "Happy" samples an actual wizard!

Kesha says she met this wizard while recording an episode of her podcast

"He's genuinely a wizard. He runs a wizard school."

What does one learn at a wizarding school you may ask? Kesha isn't too sure.

"I've also never seen Harry Potter, so you might be asking the wrong person. I feel like a bad wizard friend"
"He lives in the woods. He has a hat. This man does not disappoint. 
"He ran a commune and he actually lived next door, they found out later, to a serial killer who was killing people and putting the bodies in the land that they were doing their naked hippie dances on"

How is she celebrating tonight - on album release night?

Kesha wants to run naked into the ocean!

"I'm going to go jump in the ocean. Cause I feel like it's like this rebirth for me - that's my favorite thing to do whenever it's like a birthday or a full moon."
"So, I am going to go down to the ocean. I'm going to burn a list of all the emotions I want to let go of - and I want to jump naked in the sea"

Check out Kesha’s interview with Valentine In The Morning.

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